Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soft Shoe and Hard Time

Aside from being underly aggressive and far too attractive, I wouldn't make it in prison because I drop the soap all the time.  I can't even keep my hands on a loofah.  If I went to prison it would sound something like this; "Have you seen that new guy!? He is such a flirt!".  That's why If I went to prison I would want to go to this prison...

That's over 1,500 inmates at Cebu Provincial Rehabilitaion and Detention Center in The Philippines getting there "Thriller" on.  They practice hours a day and their repertoire is deeper than you'd think.  I'd much rather hear; "Jay Teeee [my prison name]! It's toe, heel, toe, shimmy, shimmy, jazz fingers!" than "BOY!  Yur mowf iz preddy!"

Special Note:  I wanted to name my blog "Short Attention Span Theater" after my old myspace blog but some guy named Greg already has it.  I'm not too mad because he really needs it more.  It's kind of like a surgeon general's warning for blogs because if you have a regular attention span his blog will make it sad.  "Inconvenient Dinosaur" I ripped off of Reed.

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